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About Gemini

Gemini is an industry leader with the aim to protect and identify what matters. We specialize in producing made-to-order dimensional signage, plates, plaques, cast bronze monuments, and industrial protective cases. We are a second-generation family-owned manufacturer headquartered in Minnesota with production facilities throughout North America. Though we continue to grow, we never lose sight of the small-town values that got us here.

Our Mission

We protect and identify what matters.

Our Values

Convenient, hassle-free customer service with top quality and an industry-leading guarantee

We all have a passion to win, but in the end we win or lose together

A culture of integrity and humility. Treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves

Be authentic, genuine, and transparent in our interactions with each other and our customers

Seeking continuous improvement through new and innovative solutions

Reliability for our customers and our people through growth and investment in people and equipment

Supporting our industry, our local communities, and the environment

Building stronger teams and solutions by leveraging diverse perspectives, knowledge and culture

Our History Made True. From the Beginning.

At Gemini, we recognize that we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Over the past half-century, much has changed, but our values remain constant. We are proud of what we were, what we are, and where we’re going.

1963-1964: From Humble Beginnings.

Jim and Sharon Weinel purchased Gemini for $150 and a pile of assumed debt. They set up shop in a rented garage in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, and began to manufacture signage components, custom parts, packaging, and other consumer and industrial products. Determined to build a successful company, the pair focused on the simple philosophy of effort, detail, quality, and fair price.

Worker formed plastic

1965-1967: The Foundation is Built.

Production expanded into formed plastic letters. Gemini printed its first catalog, a one-page, typed flyer. Jim traversed the Upper Midwest in the family’s station wagon, calling on customers while Sharon built their mailing list.

Gemini Building Fire

1968: Trial By Fire.

After several years of promising growth, a fire burned Gemini’s building to the ground, taking with it the company’s equipment, raw materials, and finished product, but not their spirit. Uninsured but undeterred, Jim and Sharon started over.

Karry Kases


Emboldened by its loyal partners, Gemini was reborn from the ashes. Just four years later, the company relocated to the small town of Cannon Falls, Minnesota, which offered a growing workforce and ample space to build manufacturing facilities. During this period, company sales hit $1,000,000 for the first time in our history, and we introduced our first official case line, Karry Kases.

Shipping acrylic

1979: Going International.

Production expanded beyond Minnesota and national borders when we established Gemini Canada.

Pouring bronze

1981-1983: The First of Many.

Gemini continued to fulfill its partners’ growing needs by installing our first plastic sheet extruder. We opened a new plant in Decorah, Iowa. We produced our first injection-molded letters and published our first Technical Guide.

Gemstar case


Gemini invested in plants in Taylor, Texas, and Fallon, Nevada. As the company continued to expand its offerings, we saw the opening of our first foundry, the installation of our first laser to cut acrylic, the introduction of anodized letters, and the installation of our first waterjet cutter. Gemini also added rotational molding to its growing list of manufacturing capabilities to provide a more rugged and robust case line, now called Stronghold™.

Fabricated metal in Mexico plant

1996-2006: Making Headway.

In response to growing demand for precision manufacturing services, we added manufacturing facilities in Farmville, Virginia. Meanwhile, we broadened our capabilities with the introduction of TrimCap, architectural plaques, laminated products, and a new line of injection molded cases, now called Sentinel™. In order to continue broadening our international production capabilities, we built a new fabricated letter plant in Mexico.

Gemini Duets engraving sheet

2007-2016: NEW STRIDES.

Gemini took advantage of exciting technology advances, installing a metal cutting laser, selling its first LED-lit letters and adding a large plaque foundry in Iowa. In 2013, we celebrated our 50th anniversary. The Duets brand, a full line of premium rotary and laser engraving substrates, launched and began to create a network of distribution partners. Gemini opened its West Coast call center to provide even more support to its partners.

Robot arm for Robomolding


We leveraged our capabilities in producing plaques to begin offering bronze memorials, which we sell exclusively to monument builders. We added another manufacturing location in Mesquite, Texas, and began offering an array of metal plate products.

We added another manufacturing facility to our Minnesota location for our protective case brand called Gemstar. This addition provided the company with increased space for rotational molding and the production and assembly of cases and custom plastic parts. We also added robomolding to our long list of capabilities and launched our Robomold Plastic Solutions brand.

Looking Forward

Gemini remains steadfast in its principles of premium quality at a competitive price, backed by the strongest guarantee in the industry. We continue to earn the respect of the industry because we listen to our customers and take decisive action based on their recommendations.