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Fabricated Metal

Ticket Office sign
Capri sign
Hillsboro sign
Ballamos sign
Patagonia Outlet sign


Expertly Crafted

Choose from a wide variety of material and finish options for a rich, distinctive look. We are your fabrication partner, manufacturing custom-designed letters and logos to the exact requirements of your design specifications. With a distinctive combination of narrow strokes, deep returns, and end-to-end fabrication capabilities in-house, our work will always measure up to the highest standards.

  • Available in aluminum or stainless steel

  • Sizes ranging from 2″ to 100″+ tall, strokes as narrow as 3/8″

  • Multiple finish and return depths, from 1/2″ to 6″

  • Virtually unlimited design potential

  • Expertly crafted to exacting requirements

  • Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

Make a Statement

Our metal fabrication capabilities include structurally robust gauges of stainless steel and aluminum. With letter height possibilities from 2″ up to an impressive scale of 120″ high plus a wide variety of finish options including: brushed, polished, titanium coated, painted, or anodized, the sky’s the limit!

Level Sign

Precision Craftsmanship in North America

Gemini Fabricated metal solutions are made-to-order and expertly handcrafted. By manufacturing close to home, we offer better availability of these handcrafted products compared to alternative brands manufactured overseas.

Bring Your Vision to Light

Achieve a beautiful, diffused illumination of face or halo lighting, combined with the premium look of fabricated metal letters and logos. Durable and attractive, the stainless steel or aluminum options make a dramatic statement and provide outstanding low-light visibility.

Lifetime Guarantee

We stand confidently behind the quality and craftsmanship of every piece because we’ve tested it to last a lifetime, or we’ll replace it, free of charge.

Start a Quote

Our Authorized Partners can sign in to their Partner Portal and use TrueQuote to get an instant quote. If you’re not a partner, you can visit our partner locator page to get in touch with a Gemini partner near you.

Gemini has always exceeded my expectations. Quality is outstanding. Customer service outstanding. A great partnership.


Sizes and Material

steel brushed

Stainless steel fabricated

Standard Thicknesses:
1/2″–6″ deep

Standard Heights:
2″–36″ high (37″+ email for quote)

aluminum brushed

aluminum fabricated

Standard Thicknesses:
1″–6″ deep

Standard Heights:
16″–60″ high (61″+ email for quote)


Bring a vision to life through vibrant vinyl signage.

Vinyl is a powerful addition to creating dynamic signage that stands out. With infinite design possibilities, businesses can add colorful, energetic signage that captures the essence of their brand. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching exterior-grade signage or engaging indoor displays, vinyl allows for one-of-a-kind creative signage.


Resource List


Getting Started

For more information on installation instructions and videos, product drawings and information on mounting patterns, visit the Installation page.

Mount Types

Stud Mount

Stud mount is standard. Letters are drilled and tapped to receive threaded studs. Aluminum studs on aluminum letters and stainless steel studs on stainless steel letters. View Drawing

double rail mount

Two rows of C-Channel painted or anodized aluminum rails are mounted with threaded aluminum bolts into in-line stud bosses. Letters are mounted by word. Maximum 96″ length. View Drawing

Bottom or top stud no back

Top and bottom returns of letters and logos, at least 3/8″ thick, are drilled and tapped to receive threaded studs for mounting to the wall or rails.

Bottom stud with back

Bottom stud mount is available on letters 4″–24,” minimum 3/8″ thick. Letters are drilled and tapped on the bottom returns. Typical 3/16″–1/4″ wall thickness on hollow back letters/logos. View Drawing

BOTTOM stud with thick back

Top stud mount is available on letters at least 4″–24″, minimum 3/8″ thick. Letters are drilled and tapped on the top returns. Typical 3/16″–1/4″ wall thickness on hollow back letters/logos. View Drawing

Fabricated Metal - Bottom Angle Bracket

Cut Out Face with Insert – Back – Bottom Angle Mount

Fabricated angle mount letters are available up to 36” high for halo lit, and 48” high for others dependent on the thickness of the back. Available for both aluminum and stainless steel, this mounting allows for easy installation on raceways or canopy tops. View Drawing