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Sustainability at Gemini

At Gemini, we value environmental stewardship.

We are a second-generation family-owned company, and we want to preserve the environment for generations to come. 

Our metal products use only lead-free and mercury-free metals with a high concentration of recycled materials. Our formed plastic line is a cellulose acetate butyrate (CAB) containing no petroleum.

We utilize advanced pollution-control engineering, which reduces wastewater, air pollution, and general waste. We utilize all-electric, pollution-free furnaces and our patented water-jet metal cutting process is a closed-loop system with zero water discharge. Besides reducing water waste in the process, the garnet used in cutting is reclaimed for reuse. All solvent wastes are reclaimed for reuse or sent to a recycler and we recycle all trim and scrap generated in the manufacturing process and our manufacturing facilities are Green-Star certified.

We take pride in thinking and planning for the long term. At Gemini, environmental stewardship is more than just good business. It’s an investment in the future.  

Recycled Materials