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Bronze Memorials



Enduring Tributes

For over 55 years, Gemini has served the Monument Builder Industry with architectural plaques, cast lettering and custom metal products. With a complete standard line of Bronze Memorials and vases, and options for customization at whatever level you need, we are committed to delivering a personalized tribute of enduring beauty.

  • Standard Size & Border Options

  • Numerous Customization Options

  • Vast Emblem Selection

  • High-Grade Bronze

  • Certified Lead Free

Bronze Memorials

Build classic, quality memorials from the most common shape, size, color and border options. Veteran match and vase options available.

Choose a classic style border and offer the ability to customize the plaque background, with virtually unlimited adornments and designs while keeping within the guidelines most cemeteries desire. This option allows the family working with the monument builder a higher degree of flexibility to capture the life and memory of the loved one.

Custom Memorials

An unmatched combination of design flexibility, production capabilities and fast turnaround. From complete design freedom on size, shape, typestyles, borders, colors and profiles, to advanced image creation, sculpted art and unique personalization capabilities, Gemini is equipped like no other to create timeless and extraordinary expressions of remembrance with quality that endures for generations.

Our Warranty

Gemini guarantees all of our products for material and workmanship for the life of the memorial. Finish for ground installations guaranteed for one year from date of installation.

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Our Authorized Partners can sign in to their Partner Portal and use TrueQuote to get an instant quote. If you’re not a partner, you can visit our partner locator page to get in touch with a Gemini partner near you.

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The following options are not available for every memorial line. For more information on the options available, view the Bronze Memorials Catalog.

Border Styles

Letter Styles

Custom fonts are available with customer supplied vector art.


Other Gemini standard paint colors and custom color matches are available.



Background texture availability will be determined based on the border type selection.

Portraits & Images

Flat Relief Emblems – Decorative Vase

Flat Relief Emblems – Epitaph Statements

Sculpted Emblems – Epitaph Statements

See the Emblems Catalogue for all Epitaph options.


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