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Cast Metal

1943 Letters
Snow Creek Studios sign
Parkview sign
Notre Dame Football sign
Carriage Crossing sign
Niner Wine Estates sign


Class and Distinction

Gemini produces hand-finished cast aluminum and bronze letters and logos of the highest quality, with a variety of finish options, including polished, oxidized, and anodized.

  • Aluminum or bronze

  • Earth-friendly lead and mercury-free alloys

  • Over 45 standard letter styles

  • Nearly 70 different finish options

  • Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

Built to Customize

We offer the largest variety of font styles, profiles, finishing options, and the flexibility to customize to your client’s specifications.

Environmentally Smart

Manufactured in our all-electric, pollution-free furnaces, our customizable cast products are made from earth-friendly alloys free of lead and mercury.

Lifetime Guarantee

Each cast metal letter is finished to your specifications in-house for quality assurance and tested to last a lifetime, or we’ll replace it, free of charge.

Start a Quote

Our Authorized Partners can sign in to their Partner Portal and use TrueQuote to get an instant quote. If you’re not a partner, you can visit our partner locator page to get in touch with a Gemini partner near you.

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Standard Styles

Over 60 standard styles or custom letters & logos

Sizes and Material

Since the mid-1980s, we’ve been producing the highest quality, hand-finished cast aluminum and bronze letters in our metal foundries, with all-electric, pollution-free furnaces.

And don’t forget we can produce your custom font or logo economically in cast bronze or aluminum, with a variety of finish options, including polished, oxidized and anodized, all done in-house.

aluminum brushed


Standard Thicknesses:
1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ deep

Standard Heights:
2″ to 48″ high (49″+ email for quote)

Bronze brushed


Standard Thicknesses:
1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″ deep

Standard Heights:
2″ to 48″ high (49″+ email for quote)


Resource List


Getting Started

For more information on installation instructions and videos, product drawings and information on mounting patterns, visit the Installation page.

Mount Types

flush stud

Thicker letters (minimum 3/8″ thick) can be drilled and tapped for stud installation. Specify if studs need to be in line for brick/block mortar joints or rails.

projected jam nut mount

Projected Spacer Mount

Corrugated wall mount

flat metal wall mount

Double Rail Mount

Two rows of C-Channel painted or anodized aluminum rails are mounted with threaded aluminum bolts into in-line stud bosses. Letters are mounted by word. Maximum 96″ length. View Drawing

bottom cast rail for installation

Bottom & Top Rail Mount

Minimum 3/8″ thick includes painted or anodized aluminum c-channel rails. Letters over 8″ may require tie-back (not supplied). View top rail or bottom rail drawing

Bottom or top Stud Mount

Holes and bosses in bottom/top to receive threaded studs. Letters over 12″ will require our “Engineered Stud.” Rounded letters will require some flattening. This method can only be selected on letters with a Lexan or steel back. Tie-backs (not included) are recommended for a safe installation on letters over 8″. View top stud or bottom stud drawing

Bottom back angle bracket mount

A 90º angle bracket measuring 2″ x 2″ x 1/4″ is secured to bottom stud locations of letters.  Tie-backs recommended for letters over 8″ (not supplied). Letters are mounted by word.  Maximum 96″ length. View Drawing

bottom stud mount for cast installation

bottom stud w/back

Bottom stud mount is available on letters 4″–24,” minimum 3/8″ thick. Letters are drilled and tapped on the bottom returns. Typical 3/16″–1/4″ wall thickness on hollow back letters/logos. View Drawing