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Exterior Signage

There is a great deal of consideration that goes into exterior signage. With a range of exterior rated metal, plastic, and illuminated products, Gemini is here to help you find the solution that offers the look you want, meets your needs, and can withstand the elements.

Ticket Office sign


Dibrell Warehouse sign


Intricate detail, low profile, and sharp design

  • Intricate detail in multiple alloys
  • Six thicknesses and 50 standard finishes
  • Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, or Cor-Ten steel
Niner Wine Estates sign

Cast Metal

Exceptional beauty offering permanency and sophistication

  • Cast bronze or aluminum
  • Nearly 70 different finish options
Oklahoma Central sign

Fabricated Metal

Expertly crafted for deep dimension

  • Stainless steel and aluminum
  • 2” to 120” tall size range
  • Multiple finishes and paint colors


Citrus Grillhouse sign

Flat Cut Acrylic

Low profile, cost-effective intricate design

  • Precision laser detail with polished edges
  • Custom painting & hi-res printed graphics
  • Lightweight and easy to install
Smith Brothers Farms sign

Formed Plastic

Highly customizable with multiple face profiles and painting options

  • UV-stable, recyclable plastic
  • Standard letters or custom letters & logos
  • Lowest-cost, fastest dimensional offering
Pacific Lifestyle Furniture sign

Injection Molded Plastic

Metal letter look with sharp, clean lines in classic font styles

  • The look of cast metal in a durable, lightweight and lower cost plastic letter
  • Standard letters in three popular typefaces


OKC Autobody lit sign

Fabricated Metal LIT

Premium fabricated look featuring sophisticated lighting

  • Halo lit, face lit, or face and halo lit
  • Choice of 5 LED colors
  • Dramatic lit solutions 2.5” to 120” tall
Mickey sign

Cast Metal

Illumination combined with traditional cast, available unique profiles

  • Cast aluminum; 6” to 24” high
  • Flat, Prismatic, or Round face profiles
  • Numerous finishes, colors, and paint options
Curve & Cloth sign

Lit Acrylic

Brilliant and dramatic lighting in precise CNC machined acrylic

  • Array of face lit, halo-lit, side-lit, edge-lit, and combination lighting options
  • Translucent acrylic and vinyl face lit options
  • Elegant edge-lit solution perfect for drama in flush mount applications
Kind Oasis sign

Lit Formed Plastic

Versatile value in an illuminated solution with unique profiles

  • Two-part construction: seamless fit
  • Multiple pigments, LED colors, and effects
  • Economical yet sophisticated looking     

Plaques & Plates

Wollersheim Distillery plaque

Cast Plaques

Timeless, 3D sculpted plaque style

  • Traditional sand casting
  • Premium bronze and aluminum
  • Signi­ficant depth and dimension
La Quinta plaque

 Precision Tooled Plaques

Intricate detail in a raised, single-level surface

  • Precisely machined technology
  • Premium bronze, brass, and aluminum
  • Raised and recessed surfaces
Remington Apartment Homes plaque

Etched Plaques

Transfer the most complex artwork to metal

  • Conventional chemical etching
  • Premium bronze, brass, and aluminum
  • Complex artwork & photographic reproductions

Thin Gauge Etched Plaques

Economical option for interior etched solutions

  • Same superior etching now available in thinner metal
  • Seven different thicknesses and five metals
  • Up to 23” x 36”

Ada Plaques

 Create a uniform, ADA compliant look throughout facilities

  • ADA compliant construction
  • Premium aluminum, bronze, or brass
  • Custom designs available

Get Started

Do you need help planning your exterior signage? Contact us today and we’ll get started right away.

Gemini 50 year sign