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Interior Signage

Interior Signage Options

Interior Signage takes on many forms, from branding and point-of-purchase displays to wayfinding and identification. Gemini can be a partner for it all.

Food Science Administration sign


World Wall sign

Flat Cut METAL

Intricate detail, low profile, and sharp design

  • Intricate detail in multiple alloys
  • Aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, or Cor-Ten steel
  • Six thicknesses and 50 standard finishes
New York Private Bank & Trust sign

Cast Metal

Exceptional beauty offering permanency and sophistication

  • Cast bronze or aluminum
  • Nearly 70 different finish options
  • Custom castings in as few as seven days
Papaya sign

Fabricated Metal

  • Stainless steel and aluminum
  • 2” to 120” tall size range
  • Multiple finishes and paint colors

Interior Laminate

Thacker+Co sign

GemLeaf Laminate

Micron’s thick metal face laminate on flat cut acrylic

  • Metal alternative with polished acrylic edge
  • Metal, wood, and marble face options
  • Superior laser-cut edges
Facility Solutions Group sign

Metal Face on Acrylic

Metal alternative with more thicknesses & finishes and a CNC edge

  • Precision CNC cut edges
  • 18 standard face finishes
  • Many more custom face finishes available
Toyota sign

Metal or Acrylic on Foam

Choose metal, wood, or acrylic face and a range of depths

  • Added depth with less weight
  • Six foam thicknesses add drama
  • 1/2” to 3” deep


So Green Frozen Yogurt sign

Flat Cut Acrylic

Low profile, cost-effective intricate design

  • Precision laser detail with polished edges
  • Custom painting & hi-res printed graphics
  • Lightweight and easy to install
Chrome Car sign

Formed Plastic

Highly customizable with multiple face profiles and painting options

  • UV-stable, recyclable plastic
  • Standard letters or custom letters & logos
  • Lowest-cost, fastest dimensional offering
Waterbury Youth sign

Injection Molded Plastic

Metal letter look with sharp, clean lines in classic font styles

  • The look of cast metal in a durable, lightweight and lower cost plastic letter
  • Standard letters in three popular typefaces


MLT Aikins sign

Fabricated Metal LIT

Premium fabricated look featuring sophisticated lighting

  • Halo lit, face lit, or face and halo lit
  • Choice of five LED colors
  • Dramatic lit solutions 2.5” to 120” tall
Mickey sign

Cast Metal

Illumination combined with traditional cast, available unique profiles

  • Cast aluminum; 6” to 24” high
  • Flat, Prismatic, or Round face profiles
  • Numerous finishes, colors, and paint options
WildBrain sign

Lit Acrylic

Brilliant and dramatic lighting in precise CNC machined acrylic

  • Array of face lit, halo-lit, side-lit, edge-lit, and combination lighting options
  • Translucent acrylic and vinyl face lit options
  • Elegant edge-lit solution perfect for drama in flush mount applications
Zouki's sign

Lit Formed Plastic

Versatile value in an illuminated solution with unique profiles

  • Two-part construction: seamless fit
  • Multiple pigments, LED colors, and effects
  • Economical yet sophisticated looking   

Plaques & Plates

Disney's Wilderness Lodge plaque

Cast Plaques

Timeless, 3D sculpted plaque style

  • Traditional sand casting
  • Premium bronze and aluminum
  • Signi­ficant depth and dimension
Bas Relief plaque

Precision Tooled Plaques

Intricate detail in a raised, single-level surface

  • Precisely machined technology
  • Premium bronze, brass, and aluminum
  • Raised and recessed surfaces
Etched insert example

Etched Plaques

Transfer the most complex artwork to metal

  • Conventional chemical etching
  • Premium bronze, brass, and aluminum
  • Complex artwork & photographic reproductions

Thin Gauge Etched Plaques

Economical option for interior etched solutions

  • Same superior etching now available in thinner metal
  • Seven different thicknesses and five metals
  • Up to 23” x 36”

ADA Plaques

Create a uniform, ADA compliant look throughout facilities

  • ADA compliant construction
  • Premium aluminum, bronze, or brass
  • Custom designs available

ADA Women plaque

UV Printed Wayfinding

Versatile, customizable wayfinding solutions

  • Full-color print direct to metal substrate
  • Full bleeds photographic reproductions
  • Available as a plaque image option
Assorted promotional plates

 Commercial Plates

Versatile plates and tags for a variety of uses

  • Multiple alloys, ­finish choices, and shapes
  • Color­ fills and backgrounds
  • Custom plates for branding, way­finding, recognition, identi­fication and more
Plate for Great Southern Life Insurance

Decorative & Promotional Plates

  • Custom art on multiple substrates
  • Wide array of decorative alloys & ­finishes
  • Etched with and without paint ­fills
  • UV printed, screen printed & sublimated

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