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Gemini Announces New Precision Fabrication Capabilities in Stainless Steel

April 10, 2017

Gemini’s Stainless Steel Precision Fabrication Capabilities

Gemini, an industry leader in the wholesale manufacture of dimensional letters, logos and plaques announces new precision fabrication capabilities in stainless steel, allowing for dimensional letters and logos with narrow strokes in combination with deep returns.

These precision fabrication capabilities expand the array of possibilities available to designers to accurately realize their visions in the beautiful and enduring medium of stainless steel. Intricate letters and logos from 2 to 36 inches high can be precision-crafted with strokes as narrow as 3/8 of an inch and returns as deep as 6 inches.

“Our precision manufacturing technology allows designers to bring their concepts to life without having to compromise on scale or detail,” said Tim Bauer, Product Manager at Gemini. “These letters and logos can be customized to meet technical specifications while communicating a high-end look and feel.”

Gemini’s precision fabricated stainless steel letters and logos are produced in as few as ten days, with unlit, face-illuminated, or halo-illuminated configurations available and all accompanied by Gemini’s lifetime guarantee.

About Gemini

Gemini, a family-owned company, is an industry leader with over 50 years of sign product manufacturing experience, including dimensional letters, logos, plaques, and custom plastic sheet extrusion. With seven manufacturing sites across the USA, Canada and Mexico, Gemini’s products are backed by an industry-leading guarantee, and sold exclusively through an authorized reseller network.