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Precision Tooled Plaques


Plaques That Are A Cut Above

Precision tooled plaques with unique profiles and mounting options can be easily and permanently affixed to monument signs, or mounted to become the sign itself. Gemini offers advanced machining and finishing capabilities to realize any plaque design ambition in just days.

  • Bronze, brass, aluminum or acrylic

  • 11 finish options Plus UV Colorlast

  • Earth-friendly lead and mercury-free alloys

  • Numerous textures, colors and finishes

  • Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

NEW Acrylic Plaques

Affordable plaques that don’t compromise on quality. Gemini’s precision tooled acrylic plaques offer cost-effective wayfinding and commemorative plaques with ultra-fine detailing and durable one-piece construction. Choose from a wide variety of curated colors, custom paints, and high-resolution photos for eye-catching impact. ADA-compliant braille included at no extra charge. Lightweight and easy to install, these UV-resistant plaques elevate any space, indoor or out. All backed by Gemini’s lifetime guarantee.

5″ x 10″ Acrylic plaque with integrated braille.

Exquisite Detail

Submillimeter precision. Unmatched accuracy for complex designs. Advanced cutting technology guarantees meticulous detail, flawlessly replicating even the most intricate artwork.

Silver Dollar City plaque
12″H x 18″W precision tooled bronze

Any Size

Gemini Precision Tooled plaques are available in any fractional dimension. Metal plaques up to 38″ x 84″ and acrylic up to 24″ x 24″.

Butterfly Memorial plaque
24″H x 30″W precision tooled aluminum with multi-color background

Lifetime Guarantee

Tested and approved for exterior use. Guaranteed for the life of the product.

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Most Common Background Colors

UV Colorlast

UV Colorlast is a new finishing process for precision tooled metal & acrylic plaques that offers customers a cost-effective, exterior-grade product delivered faster than traditional multi-color paint without sacrificing quality. UV Colorlast is a combination of mask and painting and UV print that provides customers with a premium quality multi-color logo backed by Gemini’s Lifetime Guarantee. 


  • Cost-effective compared to traditional multi-color masked and painted jobs
  • Lifetime warranty on interior and exterior installations
  • Reduced production times allow for faster delivery without sacrificing quality
  • Expanded design capabilities with gradients and detailed artwork


Rosettes are decorative covers for the screw heads in each corner of bronze and aluminum plaques (included in the price). Rosettes are available in 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” and 1-1/2” diameters. Rosettes with highlights are oxidized, aluminum rosettes are bead blasted. Screw heads are painted to match plaque background. Additional and replacement rosettes are $23.50 each.



Portrait and Heading Options

Bas Relief

The finished image will be an artist’s 3D interpretation of your photograph in cast bronze or aluminum and mechanically attached to the plaque background. The standard overall height is 6” to 12” with a finished depth of 3/4” to 1”. (Requires a six-week lead time.) METAL ONLY

Flat Relief

A two-dimensional precision tooled plaque that is an alternative to the expense and time-consuming process of a bas relief plaque. METAL ONLY

etched portrait on metal

Etching offers the precision required to replicate your high-definition photograph, line drawing or complex artwork. Etchings are available in stainless steel, bronze and brass. METAL ONLY


Gemini can apply your images onto your architectural plaques. Our hi-resolution printers render UV-cured, non-elastic inks at up to 1200 dpi. The result is a picture perfect product that is covered under warranty for interior and exterior applications.

oval, round, and rectangular ceramic inserts

Add an image to your plaque by choosing a ceramic insert. Gemini can apply a full-color digital transfer to a standard-sized ceramic coated base, available in oval, round and rectangular shapes. Ceramic inserts can also be printed for medallion plaques.


Resource List


Getting Started

For more information on installation instructions and videos, product drawings and information on mounting patterns, visit the Installation page.

Mount Types


 This document is intended to provide additional technical information, options, and guidelines to plan for and conduct a successful “heavier” product installation direct to a wall. Various Post Mounts are also available for heavy plaques, when not mounting on walls.  View PDF

Blind Stud mount

Back of plaque is drilled and tapped to receive threaded studs. Studs are pressed into pre-drilled wall holes and secured with adhesive and/or anchors – based on the wall type and letter weight. Studs can be aligned in-line for brick or block mortar upon request. View drawing

solid wall

Machine screws, passing through plaque holes, with or without decorative rosettes. Screws are either bonded into wall holes with adhesive or a combination of adhesives and anchors – based on wall and plaque size and weight. View drawing

hollow wall

Machine screws with toggle, passing through plaque holes, with or without decorative rosettes. Screws are then tightened to expand toggle in a hollow wall cavity. View drawing

wood mount

Wood screws, passing through plaque holes, with or without decorative rosettes. Screws are screwed into a wooden wall surface or bonded with adhesive to further secure. View drawing

garden stake

Machine screws are inserted through 5/16″-thick black anodized stakes into the back of the plaque. Maximum plaque size is 12″ x 8″ for one stake or 20″ x 8″ for two stakes. Available in heights of 24,” 36″ and 48″.

post mount

Black painted aluminum brackets are attached to the back of the plaque with machine screws. An aluminum square post bolts into the bracket at a 45˚ or 90˚ angle. Plaques over 24” wide require two posts. Posts are available in heights of 6’ or 8’. A 1”-wide post is recommended for plaques up to 250 square inches, 1-1/2” for plaques up to 450 square inches, and 2” for plaques up to 720 square inches. View drawing