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New GemLite Offerings

Gemini, an industry leader in the wholesale manufacture of dimensional letters, logos and plaques, has introduced an expanded line of its legendary GemLite™ illuminated letters and logos. The new GemLite line lets customers maximize their creativity and offer cost-effective, UL®-certified LED illuminated solutions with lower profiles and a new range of sizes and options.

The latest GemLite offering includes a wider range of lighting options, reduced, more discrete profiles, and new Mini GemLites as small as 6-in. high. Lighting options include an array of face-lit, side-lit, halo-options and combinations, plus painted surfaces and border lighting. GemLite’s durable, energy-efficient LED system provides brilliant illumination, and the specially-formulated CAB plastic material allows for even diffusion.

“GemLite offers customers an upgrade from traditional lit channel letters with a formed, low-profile design,” said Dion Flaska, Product Manager at Gemini. “Our new Mini GemLites offer designers even more flexibility to add illuminated sub-elements such as taglines and slogans – even website addresses and phone numbers.” Flaska noted that Gemini’s advances in LED design and production techniques have created an entirely new era of opportunity to create cost-effective, durable and reliable illuminated sign solutions.

Ideal for indoor or outdoor applications, GemLite letters and logos are formed from a custom UV-stable, translucent CAB (cellulose acetate butyrate) material that is renewable and non-petroleum based. A range of 8 standard translucent material colors are custom-designed for LED diffusion, and 5 different LED colors are offered. Sizes range from 6” high up to 46” x 68” with larger sizes available. An array of styles and customization options combined with cost-effectiveness has made GemLite a proven performer and a leading industry standard for years.

All Gemini products are built to last and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty on letters & logos, and a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty on UL®-certified LED lights and power supplies. GemLite products are made in the USA with typical production time of just 8 days.

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About Gemini

Gemini, a family-owned company, is an industry leader with over 50 years of sign product manufacturing experience, including dimensional letters, logos, plaques, and custom plastic sheet extrusion. With seven manufacturing sites across the USA, Canada and Mexico, Gemini’s products are backed by an industry-leading guarantee and sold exclusively through an authorized reseller network.