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Lit Acrylic

Curve & Cloth sign
Cashier sign
WildBrain sign
Secure Energy sign


Take Your Signage Upscale

Lit acrylic will give your signage a distinctive, sophisticated look with crisp, precision-machined letters, producing an even diffused glow. Previously known as LUXE™, this line features seamless, precisely defined edges. Illuminated, the result is a beautifully sophisticated, diffused effect, worthy of the highest-end establishment.

  • Face, halo, and side-lit options

  • Wide array of face and side finish options

  • Now available with a ¾” minimum face-stroke

  • UL Certified, serviceable design

  • Made in the USA

  • Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

Customized Finishes With Illumination

Create a distinctive, sophisticated look with lit acrylic. Available in Precision White or Premium lines with a variety of face, side, and halo-lit options.

Secure Energy sign

High-End Design With Easy Serviceability

A specially designed removable back makes it easy to service the LEDs, plus, the LED lighting uses less power, while providing better light diffusion.

Boutique sign

Precise, Low-Profile Solution

Achieve more intricacy in logo and letter designs with this sophisticated, high-end look offering strokes as narrow as ¾”. This solution is ideal for logo tag lines and support content. Dramatic face and halo-lit options are also available.

Disney sign

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Sizes and Material

Standard Thicknesses:
1-1/2″ deep

Standard Heights:
8″–24″ high (25″+ email for quote)

LED Color Options

Vinyl to Your Face

Bring a vision to life through vibrant vinyl signage.

Vinyl is a powerful addition to creating dynamic signage that stands out. With infinite design possibilities, businesses can add colorful, energetic signage that captures the essence of their brand. Whether you’re looking to create eye-catching exterior-grade signage or engaging indoor displays, vinyl allows for one-of-a-kind creative signage.


Resource List


Getting Started

For more information on installation instructions and videos, product drawings, and information on mounting patterns, visit the Installation page.

Mount Types


Studs screwed into metal boss welded to back plate.


Detachable studs screwed into metal bosses on back plate. This will create a standoff mount from the surface.